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Construction Project of Resettlement House in Yulong City of Qingbaijiang City, Sichuan Province
Release Date:2018-07-31

The resettlement housing construction project of Yulong City, Chengxiang, Qingbaijiang, Sichuan, started by Hongxin Construction Group in 2018. The project is located on the east side of Chahua Road, Chengxiang Town, Qingbaijiang District, Chengdu, on the north side of Xiuchuan, near Xiuchuan Village, with a land area of 328 mu, a planned net land area of 220,819 m2 and a planned total area of 714,000 m2. Among them, the area of area A is 1373,94m2, the area of above ground is 103,240 m2, and the area of underground is 34,154 m2; the area of area B is 5187,51m2, the area of above ground is 36,2116 m2, and the underg It covers an area of 156635m2; commercial housing covers an area of 57834m2, housing 5380 households, and can accommodate about 12 263 people.


A bird's eye view of Royal Dragon City