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Jiangsu Provincial Performing Arts Group Tin Opera Troupe Performance "Delicate Girl" "Bazhen Soup" and so on
Release Date:2016-10-31

Hongxin Enterprise has repeatedly invited well-known troupes and opera masters such as the Jiangsu Provincial Performing Arts Group Tin Opera Troupe, Wuxi Tin Theatre, and Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai Theatre to perform in Kunshan, and invited the majority of Kunshan opera fans to watch the show for free. Among them, 9 performances were performed in the company's auditorium, 2 were staged at the Kunshan Poly Grand Theatre, and in October 2016, they were sent to the countryside. They toured in the four theaters of Thousand Lights, Shipu, Dianshan Lake, and Jinxi. Full. Many old people, accompanied by their children, came to the theatre with crutches. Seeing the climax, many people could not help but shed tears. In the Kunshan area set off an upsurge of watching, learning and singing!