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Dream maze ushered in the peak of passenger flow
Release Date:2017-10-02

Since the opening of the dream labyrinth, tourists have been enthusiastic, and the number of visitors to the scenic spot has reached a new high. The dream labyrinth has ushered in a peak of passenger flow.
The plant labyrinth, with the theme of Elk, the characteristic resource of Dafeng, looks like a giant elk striding high in the green field from the air. It covers an area of more than 120 mu, breaking the record of "the world's largest permanent hedge maze". Different from the traditional pure hedge model, there are more than ten Garden Recreation Areas in the maze, setting up treasure hunting, adventure and other game links, so that tourists can enjoy leisure time in the maze. There are many kinds of mazes, such as circular maze, children's maze, water heart-shaped maze, glass maze, mirror maze and so on, so that tourists of all ages can enjoy the pleasure of the maze.
Dream labyrinth is the "model" for the opening and comprehensive development of global tourism. It breaks the traditional closed and single mode of tourist attractions and integrates catering, accommodation, shopping, entertainment, performing arts, sports, business, health preservation, research, wedding and other comprehensive services. Service facilities include: comprehensive building, Hexiangxuan, Zhengguang building, water wooden house, people's residence, Spring Manyuan, Dream Restaurant, Seven-color Rubik's Cube Camp, Sanyuan Supermarket, Rose Theater, Song Training Room, Conference Center, Physical Therapy Room, Provincial Table Tennis Sports Base, National Defense Education Base, etc. The scenic spot is rich in industries, and the construction and commissioning period of the project directly increase thousands of jobs for the local area, so as to achieve a double harvest of social and economic benefits.
At present, the dream labyrinth has completed a total investment of 400 million yuan. It is the only scenic spot in the province with the theme of the labyrinth. The labyrinth has a wide area and many kinds, and is known as the "China Labyrinth Expo Park". Since its operation abroad, it has won many honors, such as the research base of the New Fourth Army Research Association of China, the research base of the Promotion Association of Chinese Heroes, the activity base of Chinese Tin Opera Artists, the activity base of Jiangsu Table Tennis Sports Association, and the vice chairman unit of Yancheng Tourism Industry Vocational Education Union.